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Johnny Mainstream – “Shipwrecked!”

December 23, 2011

Johnny Mainstream
Release date: Feb 5, 2011

The first full-length studio album from Manchester CT’s Johnny Mainstream, “Shipwrecked!” is an instantly enjoyable collection of tunes with a little something for everyone. Driven by bright acoustic guitar and supported by a solid rhythm section, the unpolished but robust vocals of Matthew Maynes immediately bring to mind some of the great names in American folk music. Laura Conover’s haunting voice adds a touch of indie flair to the mix, and some great lead guitar licks shine through at key points.

Having established themselves in the bar scene in the Manchester area, Johnny Mainstream’s infectious melodies inspire dancing and singing along. The bluesy chorus of “Shipwreck” comes complete with gang vocals to get the crowd shufflin’ onto the dance floor. In “Radio,” the band kicks it up a notch and proves they “know how to make some noise” and party, but Johnny Mainstream isn’t just a drunken musical brawl. Soft ballads like “Foxholes” and heart-wrenching blues songs like “The List of People I Never Want to See Again” betray the band’s diverse abilities.

Overall, this is a great sounding album that you won’t regret listening to. Be sure to check out Johnny Mainstream and support local music!

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